Product Designer & Mobile Developer


I am an Android Mobile Developer, recently coming back into the Android scene, following a 2 year tenure at Morgan Stanley in Manhattan, NYC.

I am a studious self-teacher, a perceptive designer, and a philosophical strategist focused on simplicity and the art of limited attention.

A sample of topics I have technical expertise with:

Hybrid & Native Apps
Build Automation
Multivariant Applications (Build Flavors)
Gradle Build Time Optimizations
MVVM & MVP Architectures
Single Sign-On
App Privacy and Data Security
Automated Testing with JUnit, Espresso, Mockito
Dependency Injection with Dagger 2
User Experience & Product Strategy
Play Store Publishing & Rollout
Continuous Integration with Jenkins
Analytics Integration & Analysis
Notification Integration & Strategy
[ + a zillion other technologies, plz feel free to ask me]

I believe that engineering problems take patience, intuition, and passion to solve; and, sometimes the best solutions come in moments of meditative reflection, such as on a walk, taking a shower, or even suddenly upon waking at 4 a.m. in the morning with a “eureka!” moment.

I am curious and inquisitive about the skills, needs and interests of my team members, and efficient in the chemistry of organizing and delegating tasks. I like to find middle ground as a product designer, a perceptive product user, and an engineer. 

I’m looking forward to learning what other passionate people out there are working on, and perhaps join them in their efforts.


Clark Wilson